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The pebbles are pressed slightly into the concrete with the top surfaces exposed. The entire surface is coated with a layer of epoxy or other sealant, which makes the finish durable. Epoxy aggregate flooring is one of the simplest flooring types to care for.

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ZEP Commercial 128 oz. Driveway and Concrete Pressure Wash Concentrate is a powerful, concentrated formula. It remove dirt, stains and oil, restoring original look of Concrete. It can be used with most pressure washing equipment. For use on concrete, brick, aggregate and asphalt surfaces of driveways; Makes up to 20 Gal.

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Acid washing has been used successfully when it is applied to concrete that has already attained a strength of 4500 psi. The method has its limitations, however, especially on vertical surfaces which are difficult to etch uniformly because the downward acid flow over the surface is difficult to ...

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Aggregate Washing Equipment - Gulf Atlantic… - washer for washing fing aggregate, Worldwide shipping on Aggregate Washing Equipment, Parts & Components.Aggregate Classifying Equipment, coarse material washer.Fine Material Washer - Cone CrusherFine Material Washer allow producers to wash a broader range of spec aggregate product sizes.

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We're typically cleaning exposed aggregate around swimming pools @ 1500-1800 PSI, which makes things quite manageable. The force of the water can be manipulated away from the pool itself. It's definitely more slow going than any typical concrete job, but getting it right is what is important. To date, I've never fallen in ANY pool.

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Applying a transparent concrete sealer to an exposed aggregate surface can improve both its performance and appearance. These sealers-typically film-forming acrylic resins-can help protect against spalling, dusting, efflorescence, freeze-thaw damage, stains, deicing salts, and abrasion.

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You can also apply surface retarders to integrally colored concrete to achieve striking color contrast with the exposed aggregate. In addition to aggregate, surface retarders can also be used to expose other embedments, such as crushed shells or glass. Get other ideas for achieving special effects with exposed aggregate.

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It cleans up the aggregate in an exposed aggregate finish so that a sealer can be applied to a clean surface. Back to Top. What type of concrete finish would I acid wash? Exposed aggregate that was recently poured and not been sealed is the type of concrete surface that is most commonly acid washed.

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Exposed-aggregate Finishes for Flatwork SELECTING AGGREGATES An understanding of the effects of the physical properties of the aggregates on the concrete in its plastic (wet) and hardened states is beneficial when selecting suitable aggregates. Colour Coarse aggregates are available in a range of colours including white, black and green

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Cleaning Exposed Aggregate Concrete in Preparation for Sealing. How to thouroughly clean exposed aggregate concrete: Exposed aggregate concrete by nature will gather dirt, dust, and debris and get dirtier as time passes. It is highly recommended that you clean and seal it to help keep it looking great.

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How can one can expose aggregate on a concrete surface without damaging the concrete? ... don't forget to pressure wash the concrete and let it fully dry before treating it with acid solution ...

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Decorative Concrete Techniques - Cleaning and Re-Sealing Exposed Aggregate Feb 4, 2001 3 Tips on Cleaning Exposed Aggregate Concrete. How to clean a pool deck with dirty exposed aggregate concrete deck. Exposed aggregate is a common theme around many backyard swimming pools, and it's often a gorgeous accent to poolside appeal. ...

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EXPOSED AGGREGATE POWER WASHING. It is important to prepare exposed aggregate prior to staining and sealing, otherwise discoloring and other issues can be expected down the road. We take detailed care in the cleaning of our customers exposed aggregate patios and driveways to ensure our sealer and stain will adhere properly.

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Aug 18, 2013· With a new pressure washer in the shed I have had extra interest in what I can pressure wash around the house. The 1,800 SQ ft aggregate driveway needed a good cleaning. Aggregate drives tend to capture the dirt and grim and does not allow for it to flow off. My driveway gets stained from mulch, leaves and dirt.

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Welcome to P3 Pressure Washing! P3 Pressure Washing is a family-owned and operated power wash and soft wash company. We provide our high quality, professional services in the Greater Nashville, TN area, and offer affordable prices and the latest washing technology and equipment.

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Cleaning your concrete periodically and keeping it sealed with the right concrete sealers are the key components of any good maintenance program. How often you clean and reseal will largely depend on the conditions the concrete is exposed to, especially weather extremes, sunlight intensity and the amount of foot or vehicle traffic.

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I should have said "exposed aggregate concrete" -- it's a concrete driveway, but the little stones are partly exposed out of the concrete (so it's bumpy). A pressure-washer might work, but it might also take out some of the stones. I'll look into oxalic acid wash -- is that ok on concrete …

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Exposed Aggregate Concrete Costs . Exposed aggregate concrete is a common approach to improving the appearance and functionality of concrete surfaces like driveways, parking aprons, and floors. The cost to apply average exposed aggregate concrete depends upon surface area, the type and color of stones, special preparation needs, and the labor rate.

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Jul 15, 2012· My Experience doing Exposed Aggregate Concrete I have yet to do my driveway; I want to leave that for a long time because over the next year or so I will have plenty of trucks coming to deliver things and I want to minimise the chance of my driveway cracking.

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Exposed aggregate concrete patios and sidewalks look great until they get dirty. With a little maintenance, you can have them looking like new. If your concrete is badly stained, you can acid etch it clean again. Pour a solution of muriatic acid and water over the slab and work it in with a broom ...

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Sep 01, 2010· How to Acid Wash Concrete. Acid washing, also known as acid etching, prepares a concrete surface to accept a sealer. You can also use acid in weaker concentrations to remove white mineral deposits (efflorescence) and heavy grime. Acid...

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Concrete slabs with exposed aggregate finishs are becoming increasingly popular for swimming pool decks, patio floors, driveways and sidewalks. The following discussion is a description of a good method that does not require retardants or any special admixtures. The labor involved is little more than what is required for a steel trowel finish.

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Guidelines for a successful exposed aggregate finish on fresh concrete. This guide is for use by experienced concrete finishers, architects, owners, and new concrete contractors wanting to expand their work. Decorative Concrete Supply highly recommends that concrete finishers consider both ACI 640 & 601-D certification.

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Although concrete is an extremely hard and durable material, it is very vulnerable to damage from erosion, freezing water, salts, and oils. Much of this damage can be avoided by simply pressure washing and weather-proofing in order to protect your concrete or aggregate driveway, patio or sidewalk.

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One can try out 2 of the four sections to be finished in an exposed aggregate concrete form, though utilizing different techniques to finish them. Upon checking the 4 different areas, one can choose to do your patio project with this technique of an exposed aggregate concrete finish to …

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One top-surface retarder product is Surface Deactivator by Brickform, which provides ten exposure depths, from a simulated light acid etch or sand blast finish up to full exposure of 1 ½" aggregate. Surface Deactivator offers an extended window before the surface paste is removed, allowing the concrete to harden properly, which locks in the aggregate and decreases pop-outs.

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Therefore, pressure washing is not really recommended. If you are extremely careful, you might have some luck by starting at the lowest possible pressure and power washing from directly above. Power washing at an angle is more likely to dislodge aggregate.Loosened aggregate can be repaired.

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P3 Pressure Washing is a family-owned and operated power wash and soft wash company. We provide our high quality, professional services in the Greater Nashville, TN area, and offer affordable prices and the latest washing technology and equipment. We make sure your Home Washing experience is stress-free and of the best quality.

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